As a full-service construction consulting firm, CLC provides a wide array of construction monitoring services customized to meet the goals and needs of each client.

From pre-construction to closeout, our team of architects and engineers will develop a project methodology to assist the client in managing the project from the financial and construction standpoint, ensuring timely allocation of available resources.

Our team is specially trained to review and analyze construction contracts, budgets, soil studies, environmental reports, schedules, drawings and specifications to ensure that your expectations of cost, time and constructability are feasible prior to starting construction. Then, during construction, CLC provides periodic monitoring of the construction project to generate an assessment of construction progress, hard costs, quality, productivity, change orders, safety and overall contractor and project performance.

Front End Analysis

Prior to closing of a loan, CLC conducts a comprehensive review of the contract drawings, specifications, cost data, and contracts, as well as all other construction documents necessary for the successful completion of a project. Each Front End Analysis also includes a cost review for the overall project. This thorough review of anticipated expenses provides the client with a method of ensuring that the allocation of construction funds is adequate for the planned construction.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

CLC Property Condition Assessment includes an evaluation of the physical aspects of a property and how its condition may affect the soundness of the clients' financial decisions over time.

CLC observes the property and improvements, evaluates the apparent physical condition, reviews available documentation, assesses the expected useful life of the property components and estimates the cost for repairs, replacements and significant maintenance items for the purpose of providing the client an estimate of the immediate physical needs, and an estimate of the replacements and anticipated replacements over a term. These estimates are derived from CLC's on-site inspections, which include a complete review of a property's site systems as well as all interior and exterior building elements.

CLC also completes Physical Needs Assessments (PNA) utilizing this same basic methodology, with modifications to our walk through inspection and reports that incorporate specific HUD requirements for assessments of this type.

Construction Monitoring

CLC performs monthly site visits to ensure each project complies with the loan documents and overall project specifications. CLC evaluates construction progress and certifies that progress has been made to the point indicated on the Application for Payment issued by the general contractor.

CLC also performs a complete review of construction documents such as change orders, material testing reports, lien waivers, and architect's reports. In addition CLC comments on the projects safety conditions, quality of construction, stored materials and housekeeping.

In summary, our comprehensive reports provide the lender with a clear snapshot of construction status, which assists with the monthly administration and disbursement of the construction loan.

CLC also performs Construction Analysis Reports and construction monitoring for land acquisitions and developments, such as commercial and residential subdivisions, golf courses, and tennis court complexes.
Cost to Complete Analysis (CCA)

CLC reviews partially constructed projects to ascertain their extent of construction and develop a cost to complete. The combination of on site field reviews, discussions with building officials, and review of the project plans and specifications allows CLC to formulate the accurate cost estimate for the clients's banking or development needs.


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